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This site is aimed at healthcare students, educators and practitioners and offers you an informal way to share your thoughts and feelings about all aspects of health care practice through poetry, and to share in the work of others.

I enjoyed the whole process - it allowed me to explore my thoughts and put them down on paper in a way that academic writing doesn't really allow

Ruth Perez-Merino, first year student nurse

The Caring Words Blog

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Kirsten Jack, Project Leader


This is my Home

As part of the Greater Manchester Teaching Care Homes initiative, I have been working with colleagues who care for people living in residential homes. We have been exploring ways to reflect on feelings about care in this setting. What has been clear is the pride and passion shown by nurses and care staff when caring for older people. During a visit to Roselands Residential Home in Oldham, Greater Manchester, I discovered that a member of staff, Glenys Terry, had been writing poetry about her experiences of working with older people. ‘This is my Home’ is written from the perspective of a resident and by doing this, Glenys shows empathy for the woman in the poem. Poetry writing in this way can help us to see things from another person’s perspective and consider the things that are important to them:

I’ve been here now for almost 3 weeks
“ I have dementia you know”
but here it’s so homely, so lovely and nice.

My bedroom is nice, not too big, not too small,
I’ve got my own toilet an all.

The girls are all friendly, so patient and kind
Sometimes I shout, but they don’t mind I
’ve shouted at them once or twice
I don’t mean it, can’t help it you see, they seem to understand me.
T hey are so patient, you know.

We have a choice of meals too, I love beef stew
Friday its fish, chips and peas
Oh yes, I’ll have that please.

We have activities too, a carer comes in, puts music on, she has a mike in her hand,
we all start to sing and that’s a good thing
You can’t beat a good sing-a-long

We are having our nails painted tomorrow
I like being pampered, you know,
I like having a shower, they help me to wash
t hen back to the lounge for some supper and have a nice hot cuppa
We all have a chat, about this and that

Oh, poor Mrs P spilt her tea again, a carer comes in with a mop
Oh heck, Mr B’s pants have fell down to his knees
can somebody help Mr B please
A carer comes in after hearing a din and pulls Mr B’s pants back up again.

You girls do work hard, always running about

Well it’s getting late and I’m tired, I think I’ll go to bed

They take me upstairs, helping me in pairs
t o assist me with personal care

They say goodnight and turn out the light
they always come back during the night
to check and see if I’m alright

It’s so homely, so cosy and nice

Night night

Written by Glenys Terry Roselands Residential Home

Dr Kirsten Jack, Reader in Learning and Teaching Development

June 2019